Coaching & Mentoring

Business Coaching in Project/Program Management

Nowadays, professional project management is a basic requirement for economic success in almost every industry and for every company. But why do so many projects continue to fail financially, in time or in their planned results?

The main causes are mainly insufficient goal and order clarification, lack of project planning as well as insufficiently qualified personnel in the key positions of a project. This applies both to small internal projects as well as to complex, large-scale international projects. 

As a business coach, I would therefore like to offer you my experience and the knowledge gained from over 20 years of internationally managed project and program mandates for medium-sized and large companies – for your benefit and for the success of your project.

  1. Coaching in the development and adaptation of sustainable project organisation models and processes
  2. Coaching in establishing and applying methods and tools
  3. Development and coaching in project risk management
  4. Analysis and optimization of your project and program portfolio
  5. Training and staff development:
    • Analysing and solving case studies relevant to practice
    • Handling and use of “lessons learned”
    • Support and preparation for certifications


 The name Mentor goes back to a figure from Greek mythology: a friend of Ulysses named Mentor was the educator of Ulysses’ son Telemach. In general, the word mentor (female: mentoress) means the role of an ideas provider or an experienced advisor, who with his experience and knowledge promotes the development of mentees. Therefore, mentoring is more relationship-oriented than performance-oriented.

For this reason, relationship-oriented coaching to me is an important module in the development of your managers and employees, which, however, cannot immediately be expressed in measures and changes. It is a rather sustainable process that is also aiming at a long-term commitment to a company. Satisfaction with the tasks together with the delegated responsibility as well as long-term success are not oriented towards short-term measures or activities.

One of my goals is therefore to get to know you and your employees, to support you in your personal and/or professional development and to share my personal and professional experience gained in numerous intercultural and international projects, my insights, knowledge and professional expertise with you. For your sustainable success.

Your individual situation is my assignment for a tailor-made mentoring.