ad temporis

[lat. „ad (ipsum) temporis“ = at the time, exactly at this point in time]

A quickly available, needs-, time- and results-orientated implementation with decision-making authority at management level:

This is your added value and the benefit of my services.

Interim Management

I take on management and results responsibility for a time-limited project (mandate). Especially if you do not have sufficient internal experience and expertise and the planned time and costs for implementation are critical success factors.
The mandates can be a strategic transition and transformation project (e.g. carve-out, post-merger, reorganisation), a project in crisis or the temporary bridging of planned or short-term vacancies.

My professional expertise focusses on optimisation, risk minimisation and restructuring along your value chain. I can advise and support you in the following areas:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Strategic Purchase & Logistics
  • Restructuring & Transformation (Change Management)

A selection of job details of my clients and „Case Studies“ can be found on the page Case Studies.

My function, period of job, objectives, goals, costs as well as results to be delivered are contractually transparent and clearly defined at the outset and reduce the time and economic risk of your assignment.

Furthermore, I ensure the transfer of know-how necessary during and at the end of the mandate in your organisation.

Leistungen Interim Mangement, hier silberfarbener Kompass, s/w-Foto

The Art of Negotiation

When did we negotiate successfully and meticulously? How do we know that and how did we prepare for the negotiations?

The process of negotiation accompanies us throughout life and is of utmost importance in economy and politics where it grants the survivability of a company or the successful cooperation and cohabitation between states. Normally, it is about realization of objectives and interests of two parties. In this process, a win-win solution is not only possible but also the most important final target for consensus.

However, this is not easy. This is the reason why it is an art to come to a successful finalisation of negotiations for both parties.

Confidence, transparency and right balance are key factors in this process.

I support, teach and accompany your employees before and during negotiations – mainly in the field of sales and procurement – and advise your company during difficult or already critical contractual and negotiation situations.

Contact me for seminars, workshops or for support during the course of negotiation.

Kunst der Verhandlung, hier Anis Bouyahia am Schreibtisch, s/w-Foto


The designation „mentor“ refers to a character from Greek mythology: A friend of Odysseus named “Mentor” was the teacher of Odysseus’s son Telemach.

In general, the word mentor (female: mentor) means the role of a provider of advice or ideas or an experienced counsellor who promotes the development of mentees with their experience and knowledge. Mentoring is therefore relationship-orientated, in addition to the performance-orientated approach.

To me, relation-oriented coaching is an important module in the development of your executives and employees which, however, is not immediately expressed by measures and changes. Satisfaction with the tasks together with the responsibility assigned and long-term success are not orientated towards short-term measures or activities.

This means that for me one of the objectives is to get to know you and your employees, to assist you in the development of your personal and/or professional skills and to share my personal and professional experiences gained in numerous intercultural and international assignments and projects as well as to pass on my insights, knowledge and professional expertise.

Your individual situation is my assignment for tailor-made mentoring.

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